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Pot Rack Buying Guide

Posted by Charles Montgomery on

Guidelines to Buying the Perfect Pot Rack for your Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the place where the family comes together during holidays, special occasions, & daily life. A place where connections are made, conversation flows, & laughter abounds. With our kitchens becoming more & more like the family room, it is essential to have a beautiful & organized kitchen. Having a pot rack in your kitchen not only provides storage for your cookware, but also provides a centerpiece & place to show off your beautiful cookware. Our lighted pot racks adds an elegant touch to your home & provides ambiance & warmth. If you have been looking for the perfect pot rack that will match the style & design of your home, Premier Pot Racks has the right pot rack for you!


Uses Of Pot Racks

Any homeowner who has ever had the issue of lack of space for cookware will see the advantages of having a pot rack in the kitchen. With it, majority of the main cookware items will be able to utilize the space which is typically above the kitchen island/stove. No need to get all burnt up about how to arrange your cookware in the cupboard since the only thing you need is a pot rack that is sturdy enough to keep your pots, pans, and even lids in place.


Benefits Of Owning One

Aside from being a space-saving technique to keeping your cookware organized, here are other advantages to having a pot rack:

  1. You get to show off your beautiful cookware which adds character to your kitchen.
  2. Easily accessible when it’s time to use. No more taking out several pans and pots just to get to the desired cookware to use.
  3. You will be able to make the most out of your beloved cookware by having it on display.


Guidelines For Homeowners

While you are going through our website to find your ideal pot rack, consider the following:

  1. Which space would you prefer to put the pot rack? We have lighted pot racks that can be placed above a kitchen island, however, the island isn’t the only space where the pot rack can be placed; you may also opt for a wire rack and display cookware side by side. How about placing it above the stove? If you can’t decide among these choices because the only option you have is the wall, a wall-mounted pot rack will be perfect. Premier Pot Racks also offers standing shelves as an option to display your cookware.
  2. Design Consistency. If you have a country style, rustic home, a display of barn animals or wildlife might be the perfect choice. If your kitchen has a minimalist design, a pot rack with clean, simple lines will provide a sleek look your kitchen. Living in a traditional house, you can opt for a rack with intricate designs or even lighted pot racks with candle lights or lampshades.
  3. Mounting your cookware would be pointless if you will be forced to take it down because it dims you from your work area. Don’t be disappointed just yet, because we do offer lighted pot racks. Our choices range from pot racks with downlights, lampshades, or candle lights. Also, if you have a lovely set of copper pots and pans, dawn your downlights on these because the color and the lighting give off an elegant ambiance.
  4. The distance between your cookware and your arms isn’t just an ergonomic issue. Having a pot rack much higher than you’ve anticipated could be a hassle on your part. The same can be said if the distance between your cookware and your head is in close proximity too. When shopping for pot racks, take note on how much height is needed before installation.
  5. Eye Sore to the Beholder. It can be tricky to any homeowner how much is considered clutter when putting cookware on a pot rack. One such idea is to arrange cookware by size; doing so creates a smooth flow in the arrangement that isn’t visually straining. Another way to avoid eye sore to your arrangement is not to use cookware that has an unattractive looking surface (such as burnt bottoms or a rusty exterior).

Nowadays homeowners have a diverse world of options to choose from especially in this age of online shopping. If they equip themselves well, they can grant themselves and their kitchen a splendid pot rack. Owning one doesn’t seem so far off now isn’t it?

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